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Company Christmas Card Checklist

Keeping in touch is important so here are our 'Top Tips' to help you get the most of your Christmas cards this year:

    1. Take a close look at your Christmas card list and make sure it's current and relevant
    2. Make sure you send to your key customers/contacts; maybe those that provide you with your best/most regular/most profitable order
    3. Have your own greeting/message printed, rather than a standard one
    4. Make your cards personal (you should always do this!) - write a personal comment that is pertinent to the recipient and the relationship that you have with them
    5. Sign your cards yourself
    6. Consider adding your logo or having colour printing - these extras can really make your card stand out plus they'll send a positive image of your company
    7. Depending on the quantity you are sending, address the envelopes by hand if possible - it's best to make it look personal, rather than a mass mailing
    8. Consider sending calendars - some people feel that as calendars are constantly being used throughout the year, they represent better value 'marketing-wise'
    9. Send your cards by first class post, if you possibly can - but it's better to send them second class, than not at all
    10. Send your cards sooner rather than later - that way your message will last longer, more people will see them and they will work harder for you
Finally, sending cards or calendars is a good way to remind everyone that you are still there and it will encourage people to keep in contact.

We would love to help you get the most out of your order, so if we can help in anyway, please do call us on 029 2023 2874

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